WVA Chapter 20

Women Veterans of America
Chapter 20

      Women Veterans of America, Chapter 20 is a voice for women
      who have and are currently serving in the Armed Forces.

      And advocate for women veteran's rights, issues and benefits.

      Where sisters of the Armed Forces come together!

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    Women Veterans of America
    PO Box 121884
    Nashville, TN 37212

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WVA Chapter 20 Mission and Vision

Chapter 20 Vision Statement:

To set forth criteria that ensures the best possible care is given
women veterans in VA Medical Centers.

To be a voice for Women who have and are now serving in the United States Armed Forces
and to act as an advocate for Women Veteran's rights, issues, benefits and recognition.

WVA Mission Statement::

Women Veteran's of America shall advocate for all Women Veterans
and for women currently serving in the Armed Forces.

This is accomplished by:

~ Providing information and support for
Women Veterans
~ To be liaisons to proper government agencies
~ To assist women veterans in obtaining VA Benefits
~ Serve on the Women Veteran's Advisory Committees
~ Serve through the VA Volunteer Services
~ Participate in Veteran's Outreaches
~ Participate in ceremonies honoring all Veterans
~ Become involved in local and national issues pertaining
to all women veterans and to those women presently
in the military

      For information on Women Veterans of America, Chapter 20
      please contact:

      Commander: Gloria J. Taylor

      Vice Commander: Jackie Pair

      Adjutant: Yolanda Williams

      Finance Officer: Connie Siebert

      Sgt-At-Arms: Shawn Wilson

      Chaplin: Beverly McLaughlin

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